Achieving Together

Across Horsham, West Sussex and Surrey
Welcome to Achieving Together.

Achieving Together offers an emotionally intelligent, dynamic professional and personal development service for organisations and individuals across Horsham, West Sussex and Surrey. It has a proven track record in improving the capacity, confidence and performance of individuals, teams and services within local government, charities, voluntary and community organisations, small businesses and schools.     

Counselling and hypnotherapy services are also provided by Achieving Together.

Counselling provides clients with a confidential space in which to talk about and find solutions to issues that are affecting their capacity to function on a day-to-day basis. It can help with a range of different issues including depression; anxiety; long term illness; confidence; self-esteem; habits and addictions; stress management; and bereavement.

Hypnotherapy, which can be used separately or in conjunction with counselling, involves helping clients to gain control over  unhelpful behaviours or issues; while in an altered, dream like state of calm, relaxation and heightened concentration.   
It can help with: low self-esteem; obsessive thoughts; confidence; addictions, anxiety, depression, fears and phobias, gambling, guilt, habits, insomnia, panic attacks, the achievement of a positive relationship with food, stress management; anger management; improved performance at work, personal growth; and the management of interviews or exams.

These bespoke services are available across Horsham West Sussex and Surrey, both to individuals and to small businesses, organisations and charities who are welcome to commission services for staff.

Professional development, counselling and hypnotherapy services are offered as a face-to-face service.  Skype sessions are also available for coaching, mentoring, counselling and hypnotherapy services.

We also run training and development taster sessions for groups and individuals, including businesses.